Were you a fan-dau of Spandau Ballet?

Sentimental as Anything

Were you a fan-dau of Spandau Ballet? I saw a hilarious earler episode of Modern Family last night.

Claire arranges a special anniversary for present – a visit from one of the former members of Spandau Ballet – fictional of course! Claire thought “True” was “their” (Claire and Phil’s) song.

In the episode spoke about  Spandau fans called fan-daus and it got me thinking how I was a fan-dau of the Spandau!

Come on admit it – were you a fan-dau?  It’s safe to admit it now with the passing of time.

I remember being so impressed when I first saw the video of “To Cut a Long Story” – especially the bass solo and Tony Hadley’s  big voice and sustained note at the end…..I lost my miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiind!

The latter Spandau (Parade album) was an era of  leather jackets with massive shoulder pads and I was so proud of…

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Were you a Sony Walkman fan? Listening to surf music down by the waves!

Sentimental as Anything

Are there certain pieces of technology that make you swoon or bring back great memories for you?

For me the old 80s Sony Walkman brings back so many warm and wonderful memories!

sony walkman

This post was inspired by a recent visit to see a fantastic collection of album covers.

Seans art

While I appreciated looking at the album art – I realised that I was more into the mobility of cassettes and the exciting new technology of the Sony Walkman! So compact!!!

At the time, I was really into listening to surf music AT THE BEACH.

I was never a good surfer – but I was much better playing surf guitar! 🙂


I remember the joy of listening to cassettes of surf music and watching the breaking waves – the bright sparking, splashy cymbal sounds “sounding like” the early-morning sun reflecting on the waves

AND that famous surf music sound (the fast ,energetic…

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Have you seen these new re-workings of the old Ca Plane Pour Moi?

Great song. Of course you get extra ‘cool points’ for knowing the singer was actually Belgian! 🙂 This inspired my ‘original’ song: Pretentious Moi…moi..moi…moi…moi

Sentimental as Anything

Wow – this post was inspired as I was bouncing up and down (pogo-style) on a trampoline when I took my kids to the launch of a new trampoline centre.


I had a go too and  in my head I was imagining bouncing to songs by The Ramones AND the old Ca Plane Pour Moi.

I remember loving the old video of the song and I went on Youtube to watch it again.

As well as finding the old Plastic Bertrand version – I found all sorts of interesting more recent versions. Some are pretty racy!

Another video  was over-layed vision of the old Movie Faster Pussycat Kill Kill (I think).

Funny watching the old B&W groovy dancing to this tune.

Anyway, enjoy!

Please add your reactions in the comments section below.

First the Plastic Bertrand version:

and the groovy  dancing clip one:

and this rather racy one I…

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Do you remember “calculator spelling” – making upside-down words from numbers?

Sentimental as Anything

I hadn’t done this silly juvenile thing for years – but I was trying to help my 8-year-old son Orlando settle into  his new school. To take his mind off his shyness I showed him something that was “cool” when I was a kid – calculator spelling.

You should have seen the big smile beam across his face! I showed him 0.7734.

0.7734 – on calculator displays looks like HELLO.


O T leaning tower

Then of course there were all the silly  and juvenile schoolboy type words like 8008 and 58008 and 55378008!

 As I said – this hadn’t crossed my mind in ages – calculator spelling that is  – not 58008!


Trying to be a “Cool Dad” – Here’s  how uncool dad looked back in the 70s when long hair and calculator spelling were popular. I loved those days of the old schoolyard!

Orlando loves hearing stories about the “olden days”!


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Did you fall for the Mad Men/White Stripes/Retro Movie poster art look?

An earlier post. I’ve been getting back into The White Stripes recently. They really harnessed the power of retro and images. Now THEY are probably considered ‘retro’.

Sentimental as Anything


Sometimes you just look at  something and you dig it.  It’s love at first sight. You may not know why – but you fall in love with the look. It connects with something you already like – something deep inside you.

I must have been so influenced at a young age by posters for movies like Vertigo.


Later when “I fell for” the music of the White Stripes I also loved the look and the art work.

I love the whole White Stripes music and culture package – links to retro but with a modern edge.(well modern for back then when they were big!) I still dig them.


Then when Mad Men came out I fell in lust with the whole “look” of the show – including the opening titles and the Vertigo-inspired Art work.

When I was selecting a theme for this Sentimental As…

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#Creativity – the ‘ugly beauty’ of The Velvet Underground

I Wanna Be Creative!

We can all learn a lot from the creativity of The Velvet Underground – the way they sounded so different from other music going on at the time – in the late 60s.

VU tamb e2da1a385b01bc82e58f768ee888a561

I mainly got into The Velvet Underground when I was a university student in the 80s when a friend with broader music tastes introduced me to their sound.


As I was a pretentious and impressionable Arts student – I loved the arty experimentation of The Velvets and how they tried to combine art and music and how they dared to be different.

One of the many things I loved about their sound was what I describe as an ‘ugly beauty’ or should that be a ‘beautiful ugliness’?

Anyway, for me, there was always this ‘exquisite tension’ between beauty and ugliness.

cale viola VU

For example, John Cale played the viola  – but it often wasn’t ‘pretty viola’ but an ugly…

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Do you know what other things “Debbie does”? #Cyclone Debbie

You’ve probably noticed lots of “Debbie does…” headlines with the coverage of Cyclone Debbie.




debbie d 2.jpg

I was aware of the existence of the ‘film’ Debbie Does Dallas – even if I hadn’t seen it (honest!).


I suspect many other people are aware of the title Debbie Does Dallas – but know little else. I googled it and found some interesting (and IMHO amusing) facts.

  1. The adult movie from 1978 is one of the most famous movies of its kind.

2. There is even a musical called Debbie Does Dallas – The Musical. 

3. Neither the movie nor the musical featured Larry Hagman.

4. The movie was so ‘successful’ it spawned imitators such as Debbie Duz Dishes.


I’ll  have to ask my meteorologist friend:

  1. who gives cyclones their names
  2. whether, in his opinion, the namer had any idea they types of headlines the name Debbie would encourage




Did your parents have any music albums that were so “groovy” you had to take them for your music collection? This was an album I loved…

doubleshot media

It was like striking oil – finding this album in a box of old vinyl records I’d left at my folk’s place when I moved to another city.

Lots of great memories came gushing out!!! Black vinyl gold – Texas Tea!

S & G

I remember this album so well. It was my mum’s album and I remember being “blown away” by the groovy art work.

Even just looking at the cover now – gets me  ”feeling groovy”.

Later, when I’d buy my own albums I was more into JoyDivision and The Dead Kennedys – but when I left home I wanted to take this Simon & Garfunkel album with me.

(The album went back to my folks with boxes of some other stuff – when I later moved to another city!)

Joy D

Dead Kennedys

I remember the lyrics to “I am a Rock” got me interested in writing and “poetic devices” and song lyrics –…

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What are your memories of Aussie band Mental as Anything?

Reblogged today – because it’s Greedy Smith’s 60th birthday!

Sentimental as Anything

What are your memories of Aussie band Mental as Anything?

Reg Mombassa’s unique guitar playing where he looked like he was wrestling with the tremolo arm of his fender?

Greedy Smith’s flamboyant jackets and karate chop keyboard-playing style?

As you may guess from the name SentiMENTAL as Anything – I’m a big fan of “the Mentals”

Of course, I also liked the aloof coolness of The Church – but I always enjoyed the “silliness” of Mental as Anything

My friend Mark from law school introduced me to the unbridled joy of Mental as Anything.  Mark (who became a serious barrister) knew all the Mental’s lyrics and would chuckle about the art school Australiana of lyrics like “Cruising in Third looking for bird”.  He lent me his Mentals LPs and I was hooked!

Any party playlist had to include the Mental’s classic “The Nips Are Getting Bigger”. Bass players…

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