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What “fashion” items do you wish you kept?

Sentimental for my paisley shirt…and the music of  The Church!

When I was at uni, I was a big fan of Australian band The Church. I still am.

Like a lot of my uni friends, I’d comb the op shops looking for paisley shirts and wear them with the top button up to be like our hero Steve Kilbey.

I found this excellent shirt with purple and pink paisley. Looking back, I didn’t need the thin black tie. I should have had the sleeves down and the top button up (Steve Kilbey style). But I recall it was a hot night at that gig.

I wish I knew what happened to that shirt. Paisley is back in or at least it was a couple of weeks ago when I checked some stores.

I saw The Church last year with a symphony orchestra and it was such a wonderful musical experience.

I always thought that many of the Church’s songs were very lush and “orchestral” and the songs sounded brilliant with the full orchestral backing. Classy  – yet cool and it looked like the band (and the orchestra) were enjoying the experiment!

To see what I mean about how good the night was check out  this  link to a youtube clip of the concert – the track “Tantalised”

I think you’ll agree the orchestra works really well with the band – especially the “brass blasts” later on in the song!  And the strings!  There’s a DVD of the night being produced. I’ll let you know when it comes out.

If you want to keep up to date with what the Steve Kilbey and The Church are doing, here’s are links. Steve is very active with his blog and Facebook page. He has long since moved past paisley shirts! But I still wish I could find my special pink and purple one!

We all have fashion items we wish we still had. What were some of your favourite items you wish you could still find?