What’s your favourite board game?

What’s your favourite board game?


Do you have happy memories of board games? My two kids love them –

especially Trouble, Snakes and Ladders and Scrabble.

I recently got “re-introduced” the simple joys of these games when I was recovering from a torn Achilles tendon. I was not very mobile but I could sit and play board games – and luckily my two kids also loved playing board games.

We have a modern version of Trouble – but when I visited my mother-in-law, I found a ”retro” Trouble that my wife would have played when she was a kid.


Wasn’t the retro version cool with the funky colourful font?


These days my wife doesn’t PLAY trouble – she IS trouble! Did I actually write that or just think it? Don’t tell her or I’ll be in trouble.



I’m such a “teaching nerd” I use Scrabble to teach spelling and Snakes and Ladders to teach maths. – “you’re on 20, you got 5, 20 plus 5 equals…”


Board games always remind me of beach holidays – or rainy afternoons when mum and dad had to keep the kids amused.


What do board games remind you of?


If you haven’t played a board game for a while – I suggest you try it!


I love Trouble because (for a board game) it’s comparatively active and physical.


One thing I never got into as a kid (or ever) was jigsaw puzzles. I have friends who love the quiet challenge of a jigsaw – but I’ve never done a jigsaw puzzle in my whole life. I never had the patience – or the desire to do a jigsaw…. but that’s a topic for my next post!






2 thoughts on “What’s your favourite board game?

  1. We always played monopoly on rainy days but we’re actually bigger card game fans (ie Uno). I don’t think we’ve ever finished a game of Monopoly! Trouble’s fun but for some reason our kids never had that one (maybe they thought they were trouble anyway 🙂

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