What memories do you get from the fab fabric – Terry Towelling?

Did you wear terry toweling as a kid? Do you still wear it?

I still love to wear my prized retro bright orange Yachtees Terry Towelling shirt.  It’s like wearing a towel – the warm embrace is comforting and brings back so many golden memories –   the beach, caravan holidays, bright and carefree days!

They were often called the Marlin shirt because of the marlin logo – but the official name was Yachtees!

My wife bought this vintage Bonds Yachtee shirt for me when she found it at markets at Byron Bay. The shirt gets so many comments when I wear it out.

Mums at school usually say “My dad had one of those!” or “I had a terry towelling hat!” It was such a “dad” shirt back in the late 60s and early 70s.

I had one of those TT hats too – mine had the zipper compartment on the top where you could store your hankie and your bus money. What a caring and useful piece of clothing! Plus is was bright orange and “high viz” (visability) before high viz became the norm, Definitely ahead of its time!

I always remember a girl at school wore blue terry towelling shorts on sports day (very daggy) and of course Sean Connery wore a blue TT “play suit” as James Bond.

It was the cool leisure fabric of the time.

I was so taken with the towelling that I formed a musical combo with my drummer mate Lindsay and we played “beach” and “sailing” music under the name “Terry Towelling & The Yachtees”. Of course, we would have worn the James Bond leisure suits if we could have found them 🙂 Maybe it was good that we stopped at the shirts!

Here’s a link to an amusing musing in The Guardian about memories of Terry Towelling.


You may be comforted to know that people are still selling (and buying) Terry Towelling “fashion” items. Check out this hot little number that sounds like something from Seinfeld’s House of Peterman. I love the description!

“Our popular zip-front women’s robe now combines ease of wear with the absorbency and breathability of fine baby terrycloth. The result is a beautiful, breezy way to lounge. Step into it after a dip in the pool or right out of the shower, or wear over sleepwear. With its mandarin collar, ¾ sleeves, and side-seam pockets, this terry-cloth robe will make you feel cool and fresh every day.”

So here’s to the fab Terry Towelling – may your memory burn as warm and  bright as a bright orange Yachtee shirt!

Please share your memories of Terry Towelling!


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