Are you old enough or “pop culturally aware” enough to recognise this iconic jacket?

This post was inspired by a chat with my friend Sean about reaction to a jacket he is wearing in his Facebook profile shot. Do you recognise the iconic jacket? Some people don’t.

Some younger people asked  Sean if he was now working as a waiter!

Of course, others would recognise that jacket as the Nehru jacket – very hip in the 1960s and worn by the Beatles in their famous 1965 Shea Stadium gig.

My 8 year old son would probably say it’s a “Doctor Evil” Jacket. Of course Doctor Evil was a homage to Doctor No from the 1960s James Bond Movie.

Sean tried on the jacket in a Beatles store in Japan – and  now wishes he had bought it!

Anyway, here are some interesting links about the famous jacket.

Here is a link to a great clip from the Beatles Shea Stadium concert.

Here’s a link to a fashion piece. I love the pun – Behind the Seams!


and there’s all the extra cultural significance in this wikipedia piece.


Just looking at these groovy photos of Davy Jones from the Monkees and even Sean Connery with Nehru jackets – I gotta get me one!


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