What memories do you get from flannelette pyjamas?

This post was inspired by a lot of comments I saw on facebook this morning about whether people should wear flannelette PJs out in public – and it got me thinking about flanno PJs.

What memories do flanno PJs bring back for you?

I grew up in  hot North Queensland (like a lot of my FBFs) so flanno PJs were a novelty – something I didn’t  really get to enjoy till I moved south.

I also associated flanno PJs with punk-ish anti-style statements – like the bass player who wore PJs in the video for The Dickies version of The Banana Splits Theme.

Then of course there was one of my keyboard-playing heroes – Johnnie Fingers from the Boomtown Rats. Remember his fantastic playing in I Don’t Like Mondays? Wearing PJs on stage was his trademark.

What really got me back into the PJs was the TV series Madmen.

Here’s a great link to a fashion piece about PJs and how a dapper English Gent even had his tailor make some double-breasted PJs for him!


These days I love when the kids are all freshly bathed and in their flanno PJs and we have our winter night ritual of hot Milo.

I hope this  ritual gives them some warm memories of the PJs.

I love my flanno PJs – but I have never worn them in public….yet!!!

Here’s that cool clip with the bass player wearing PJs.

Maybe if I’m playing bass in a future gig the flanno PJs would be a good look?

Then again, maybe the audience wouldn’t get the “statement” and just think I escaped from a hospital!

Please share what memories PJs bring back for you and – should PJs be worn in public?


2 thoughts on “What memories do you get from flannelette pyjamas?

  1. They are nice to wear on tour….they keep you warm…I would recommend a hot water bottle as well..if you can’t find a groupie…

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