Were you a fan-dau of Spandau Ballet?

Were you a fan-dau of Spandau Ballet? I saw a hilarious earler episode of Modern Family last night.

Claire arranges a special anniversary for present – a visit from one of the former members of Spandau Ballet – fictional of course! Claire thought “True” was “their” (Claire and Phil’s) song.

In the episode spoke about  Spandau fans called fan-daus and it got me thinking how I was a fan-dau of the Spandau!

Come on admit it – were you a fan-dau?  It’s safe to admit it now with the passing of time.

I remember being so impressed when I first saw the video of “To Cut a Long Story” – especially the bass solo and Tony Hadley’s  big voice and sustained note at the end…..I lost my miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiind!

The latter Spandau (Parade album) was an era of  leather jackets with massive shoulder pads and I was so proud of one I had.  I also had a great thin white leather tie (wish I knew where that went!) and a blue shirt – a combination inspired by another big New Romantic band of that period – Duran Duran.

A lot of my musical mates hated the New Romantic  bands and period – lots of preening popinjays in puffy pirate shirts! I always saw a  similarity to the aspirational and fashionable preening style  of the 1960s Mods.

A friend of mine, Ana, who was a massive  Fan-dau told me about a lead singer Tony Hadley performing at a Leagues club in Sydney and I went along and absolutely loved it. It was a local backing band (not Spandau Ballet) and it was hilarious to see all these mature women acting like screaming teenagers.

“True” seemed to last forever and Tony really “milked” it and the crowd loved it.

My wife and I also saw the “real” Spandau Ballet (original band) when they toured a few years later. My wife was up dancing to almost every song and the band was super tight and I reckon lots of Fan-daus were very happy that night!

More recently – I was preparing for a corporate training workshop in a tall corporate tower in Sydney. I was listening to some Duran Duran as I was setting up the room. Three senior female execs at the place I was training came in and we started talking about Duran Duran and Spandau Ballet and this talk “took them to happy place” – their teenage years.

It turned out these  serious corporate executives were big Fan-daus and it was a great “bonding” experience!

Ah – the bonding power of music and fan-dom!

Also, if you haven’t seen that earlier Fan-dau episode of Modern Family – it’s a hoot!

Please share your memories of Spandau Ballet and the New Romantic period.

Also if you are in the mood for a hit of Spandau – here is a link to the clip ‘To Cut A long Story Short”


3 thoughts on “Were you a fan-dau of Spandau Ballet?

  1. Ah, Tony, Tony, Tony…I’m talking about the Biancotti sort, not the Hadley sort in this instance! You make me laugh! And I’m soooooooooo chuffed that I got a mention in the blog. I’m am ‘True’ly a fand-au of the Spandau. And would you believe that I have a friend (a mother at my son’s school) whose brother-in-law is actually one of the Kemp brothers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, so I think a new section can be born – 6 degrees of Spandau Separation. Whaddya think? Ana x

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