After Neil Armstrong’s death – are you feeling a bit sentimental for space “culture”?

Were you from the generation that got to watch the 1969 Lunar landing on TV?

If so, after the death of Neil Armstrong  you are probably feeling a bit sentimental for that era.

When I look back at my “childhood” and teenage years I see the  cultural impact of the whole space race and the lunar landing.

Astronauts were often the heroes people wanted to be like.

I remember having crazy dreams that I would be an astronaut! The closest I ever got was being in a commercial for an ice-cream called the Moonshot!

They tried to make a TV studio look like the panels of a rocket or mission control.

Like many kids from that generation, I would make models of rockets and the Lunar Landing module.

One of my prized toys of my youth was a rescue ship Vertibird where you operated a helicopter to rescue an astronaut after splashdown! Did you have a Vertibird?

And of course there was Anthony Nelson (a young Larry Hagman) as an astronaut in “I Dream of Jeannie”.

Now I won’t mention any names – but one of my mates still has a collection of Robots and rocketships and even an astronaut version of Barbie. He assures me that the astronaut Barbie is a “recent acquisition”  for his daughter. 🙂

It’s Ok if you are feeling a bit sentimental at this time for that unique time.

A friend of mine sent me a clip of Billy Bragg singing about the feelings of kids of the space era – the hope (and the disappointment). He sums up the feeling so beautifully.  Enjoy!


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