Were you a “caravan kid”?

Were you a caravan kid? –(a kid who had caravan holidays as an important part of your growing up.)

I certainly have many happy memories of caravan holidays – frugal, fun-filled holidays that seemed to last forever.

This Australia Post stamp really sums up the feel of caravan holiday experience in the 70s – lots of cricket with bins as wickets and hordes of other kids to run around with – the smell of BBQs, steaks and onion and of course big fluffy bread buns and lots of beetroot and pineapple! And later in the night the sounds of grown-ups laughing and maybe even singing and dancing to Hot August Night!

A great mate of mine is a retro fan. He did up an old caravan and filled it with his retro objects and  my son and I have had the pleasure of staying in the van – retro heaven!

In the old caravans I loved how the caravan design would use every bit of space and how the dining table would fold down into a bed and every bit of storage space was used.

When I was a reporter on TODAY one of my favourite assignments was doing a series of stories about the caravan and camping industry and I got to visit caravan parks in some of the best parts of Australia. Some of my media colleagues thought caravans were a bit “down market” and they used to tease me calling me “Captain Caravan” – but for a “caravan kid” doing these stories and visiting caravan parks wasn’t “work” this was pure bliss!


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