Why retro flight bags are “cool” and stylish

Are you a fan of the retro flight bag? What memories do flight bags bring back to you?

For me – the retro flight bag always brings back images of The Beatles jumping on and off planes with their flight bags – often photographed emerging from the plane doors or walking down the stairs.

Back in the 1960s – flying was glamorous. It was a status symbol to fly and the flight bag (that was often given away to passengers) was a sure sign you were a jet setter.

with retro Qantas bag – the cane was not a fashion accessory but from back when I recovering from a torn Achilles tendon!

I love collecting retro flight bags and over the years I’ve picked up some real bargains for $20 at op shops and markets. These days bags can fetch high prices as there is a generation of people out here around the world who dig retro flight bags – probably for similar reasons why I love them so much – the image of glamour of the era when flying was something special! I fly around the world a lot for work these days. Even ‘though flying isn’t as glamorous these days – I do enjoy taking a retro flight bag on the plane!

another classic retro Qantas bag in the background!

I always loved stories like how Jimi Hendrix said he always carried a book of Bob Dylan lyrics in his flight bag – and I could imagine Jimi high above the clouds getting inspired by Dylan’s words. It’s interesting because now you can buy a Hendrix-inspired flight bag

and Beatle’s inspired flight bags.

In researching the appeal of the retro flight bag, I  found  a site for lovers of retro fashion and retro music who also love the glamour of Pan Am.

Here is a link to the site: ultra swank retro adventures!


If you dig the whole retro glamour of flying you will love this site.

This era was lovingly captured in the movie Catch Me if you Can.

And it isn’t just the retro flight bags people love – many fans (both male and female) also love the retro airline hostess outfits – ultra groovy – but that’s the subject for a separate post!


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