Do you dig tiki kitsch – and pineapples and cocktails with umbrellas?

I blame Elvis’s Blue Hawaii and Gilligan’s Island – but looking back at my life I’ve discovered I really dig pineapples and “the idea of” coconut cream pies. Haven’t had a coconut cream pie – but I really want one!

On Sunday I went to see Dave Graney play at the Brisbane Writers Festival and he was playing at a place called The Pineapple Lounge – which happens to contain two of my favourite words  – Pineapple and Lounge (as in lounge music!)

As you can see, I’m a huge fan of the Pineapple. Maybe it was the childhood trips to the Big Pineapple on the Sunshine Coast. Maybe it was the Elvis Movie  – Blue Hawaii where Elvis’s dad ran a Pineapple plantation. Anyway, I always loved the Tiki lounge “associations” of the Pineapple – so you can imagine how The Pineapple Lounge felt like “heaven”!

One dude was even in a pineapple-patterned vest.

On the evening of the Writers Festival the place was packed with arty, creative types chilling with a friendly, warm and laid-back Queensland vibe – not the rather chilled “we’re so cool and aloof” Sydney Vibe I’ve been used to for the last decade or so. I dig the Sydney scene – but I was so happy to find this Bris-vegas vibe that seemed to embrace a colourful dagginess!

got to dig out this shirt I haven’t seen in years – note the subtle tikis and pineapples!

Maybe the crowd’s “friendliness” was fueled by a concoction – cleverly called “Champine”.

When I told my 8-year-old son about the clever word play of Champine (he wasn’t at the evening) – my son asked if the DJ played Champine Showers!

I was so into the Lounge Music scene in Sydney around ’96. Maybe Bris-vegas has just caught up. Maybe it’s ahead of a resurgence! Whatever the answer – it’s great to see a colourful creative scene – fuelled not by Absinthe but by Champine.

I wonder if there is a club with a Gilligan’s Island theme  – club that serves Coconut Cream pies and Pineapple cocktails and Champine!

That would be heaven for a pineapple-loving Gilligan’s island fan!


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