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What memories do you have of transistor radios – especially pocket radios?

What memories do you have of transistor radios – especially those tiny, tinny transistor radios? Listening to the cricket? The ABC news theme? Sneaking your radio under the bed covers and listening to your favourite tunes?

still love to listen to a “retro” radio!

Some generations had the big family radio that was the size of a filing cabinet, then the “portable radio” , then the tiny transistor  pocket radio. I was a transistor radio kid!

I remember it so vividly. Being blown away  – hearing 10 CC’s “I’m Not in Love” on my pocket transistor radio. Even with the ”tinny” single earphone , the songs sounded heavenly – like a choir of angels. I was transported to another place.  Can’t remember the brand name but the radio was black plastic with a vinyl (imitation leather) case.

I also remember having both my eyes bandaged after an accident with an air rifle. I didn’t know if I’d get my sight back in one eye and for days I lived “in darkness” – but comforted by my transistor radio – music, news, talk shows. When you can’t see you really hear better!

I loved listening to the radio as a teenager – especially when I was old enough to drive – cruising around listening to the car radio.

I still find the ABC news theme stirring and yet comforting. These days I  sing it with my kids including our additional lyrics for the last four notes ‘ “Here – is –  the  – news!”

I get to listen to lots of radio these days as I run around getting the kids ready for school. My wife is a radio morning newsreader on 97.3 in Brisbane and we listen to her read her bulletins. Then when I drive my son across to the other side of town (to a school that better suits his active action boy learning needs) we listen to mum’s news and the Robin Terry & Bob show. On the way home the 3 PM pick-up.

I must say when we lived in Sydney, I couldn’t stand listening to commercial radio – but both my son and I enjoy listening to Robin Terry & Bob – and “mum’s news” of course.

After I drop my son off at school, I switch over to my old favourite the ABC.  I get to listen to lots of radio these days  – I still love it!

Then of course there’s this classic song about the joys of listening to the radio!