What songs were you surprised to find out were covers?

I’ve been driving round today listening to The Saints. This band was the soundtrack to my university days and I still love their raw energy and yet “tight” sound. If you haven’t heard them before – I suggest you listen to them. I’ll include a link at the end of this post to one their most famous songs – I’m Stranded.

What inspired this post was a memory when I heard their track Lipstick on Your Collar. I remember being very surprised one day when my mother showed she knew the words to this song – she knew every word! I didn’t know she was a fan of The Saints. I also remember her wanting to iron my shirt when I’d be off to see a band at some uni gig.

“Punks don’t iron their shirts!” I said  in surly disgust. (I was never a punk – but I liked the style of music!)

“Yes – but their mums DO!” was her retort.

(I was always too well-fed (i.e. chubby) and “ethnic” to be a punk – but I did enjoy the music of bands like The Saints and The Ramones and the Sex Pistols! I’m not saying the Saints were punk – but their music shared similar energy and pace and buzz guitar style ) I thought they were a bit too “sophisticated” to be limited to the punk label.

Anyway – it turned out that the Saints were covering the original version of the song – Lipstick on Your Collar” by 1950s star Connie Francis.

Anyway, here’s a link to The Saint’s version followed by the Connie Francis version.

My point is, we often think we  are “cool” listening to the music of OUR generation.  It’s interesting when we find out that we think is “OURS” is a cover of a song from a different generation.

I had a similar experience being  even more surprised that my grandmother knew the lyrics to the Ted Mulry Gang – Darktown Strutter’s Ball.

I don’t know for a fact – but I imagine the guys from The Saints probably heard their parents playing the Connie Francis version of  Lipstick on Your Collar – liked the chord changes and maybe the lyrics and wanted to do their own high-energy version of it. Kissing Cousins is another Saints cover – from the Elvis song from the movie by the same name!

Do you have  a similar story?

– A song that you were surprised to find was  actually a cover?

– Or a song that your kids like – and you surprised them by knowing the lyrics and tune – because it was cover of a song YOU knew?

another favourite group The Clash did cool covers – can you think of one?

I haven’t thought about this song (Lipstick on Your Collar)  for decades – until I heard the song on my car stereo this morning.

I’ll share the story and memory  with my mum when I pop out for a cup of tea… and to take out my ironing!    That’s a joke! 🙂

I do my own ironing these days – usually listening too my favourite music – like The Saints!

iron(ing) man – photographic proof!

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