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Charlie Don’t Surf – so many pop culture inspirations

I’ve been busy surfing today – surfing the internet  – inspired to find out more about Charlie Don’t Surf.

Many things I DID know – still I discovered other things about this famous line.

Charlie DS back

Do you know:

1. What movie that line is from?

2. What band was inspired to write a song by the same name?

3. It’s also the name of a restaurant  – and an Irish band.

I haven’t thought of that line for years until I dug out an old surf shirt – and was inspired to “surf” the internet and found out so many pop culture references.

CDS library

That line is from Apocalypse Now where Kilgore (Robert Duval) orders some of his men to surf a break that’s under enemy fire.

From memory – the lines are something like:

That’s Charlie’s point – says a soldier.

Charlie don’t surf – says Kilgore.


The  band The Clash was inspired to write a song called “Charlie Don’t Surf”.

– Youtube link here:

I found out (on my internet surfari) that the band Funeral for a Friend also has a song with that name too.

My “surfing” the net also revealed lots of other Charlie Don’t Surf T-shirts



Here’s a link to where you can get the above (green and yellow) T shirt:

and  all the other pop culture inspiration as listed in wikipedia.

Charlie Don’t Surf

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Charlie Don’t Surf is a famous line from the film Apocalypse Now, spoken by Colonel Kilgore as justification for taking a beach at the Mekong Delta so the American soldiers could go surfing. “Charlie” is slang for Viet Cong, the enemy. It can also refer to:

Wow – that’s a lot of inspiration from a line in a movie!