What memories do you get from this groovy “Brady Bunch” colour orange?

How does this colour orange make you feel?

70s kithen wall paper


orange PS

For me – this colour orange always makes me feel happy and it brings back warm memories – usually to do with kitchens and food – orange and brown biscuit barrels (cookie jars – if you are from the US!) and Arnotts biscuits with orange cream centres!

orange barrel

brown kitchen034

This was not my mum’s  kitchen – but I recall  our kitchen having orange cupboards with brown
“handles” – a bit like the Brady Bunch kitchen –  but without Alice!


When I’d scour markets and vintage stores I’d often buy cool orange retro items – including an orange biscuit barrel and my treasured orange “Marlin” Yachtee shirt (seen at start of post!)


This photo (sent by a friend) of an orange typewriter  really caught my eye – because I  love old typewriters AND that colour orange –  I don’t just dig this…I double-dig it!

Monique and the kids and I went on a beach vacation and I was delighted to see the rented house was full of orange kitchen items. The owners must be catering for people of my vintage with a love of retro!

orange house

orange retro kitchenwares

I recently found out why I associate this colour with happy memories. I was looking though old photo albums with my folks and found  lots of photos with orange, orange…(the t-shirts, my dad’s hat – an even the car in the background)

warm orange memories 2

and even some more orange…

warm orange memories

Don’t get me wrong  I don’t just have an ORANGE crush – Lime green was a big part of my life too – lime green bean bag, lime green lamp (correct me if my colour description is not accurate – many guys aren’t as accurate with colour descriptions).

green stool

I imagine different generations would have special colours that bring back memories. Please let me know if you have “meaningful” colours other than orange!


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