Do you love the “warmth” of wood and timber?

Do you love the warmth and “individuality” of wood and timber?


Do YOU love the “look” of wood –  especially the “worn” and weathered look. How does this timber look make you feel? What does it remind you of?

I love old wooden jetties and  wooden signs in country towns, and old wooden farmhouses! The smell of woodsmoke! The individuality of the “imperfections” in timber.

Don’t get me started talking about timber!

When I think of timber – I think fishing lodges and  ski chalets. I think of pancakes and flapjacks smothered in maple syrup. Maybe some bacon! Then again, I’m usually thinking of pancakes and maple syrup!

Even on my MacBook, I tend to try to recreate the warmth of wood when I create a notebook look when I write.

I love how you can change the type of wood on your “desk” in the notebook “view”. I think it’s interesting how the design helps you even choose your look and feel  from cool and efficient metal to warm and old-school wood.

desk timber look

Looking back at lots photos from my days on TV travel shows, I would often take snaps of the warm wooden rooms – especially the wooden chalet look at Zermatt in Switzerland (that’s the Matterhorn out the window)



…and the wooden fishing lodge feel of places like London Lakes in Tasmania.

london lakes

My brother, Chris, is a carpenter and builder and I love to talk “timber” with him – and he loves (and knows) his timber!

We both love timber – but he is the Biancotti boy who can actually make timber stuff. I just admire it!

Here you can see the Biancotti boys on old wooden skimboards – and how one of us got to pursue a job working with wood!


Chris chose to work with timber  – because of  the warmth and the craftsmanship – and he specialises in wooden decks and fences.

Speaking of fences – I always loved wooden fences – especially that white picket fence look.

How about you?

white picket fences

Maybe I’d seen too many American movies or TV shows. I loved how the picket fences create “boundaries” – but still seemed to be warm and “organic” and natural  and even beautiful.

I even “study”  and admire all the different wooden fence shape types.

wooden fences

If I’m honest, my interest in wooden fences  probably stems back to my making paddle-pop stick forts!

I know there are advantages to those big metal fences you often see in the suburbs –  more security, privacy, and probably easier maintenance – but personally I always preferred wooden fences.

colourbond fences

Maybe I’m old-fashioned, maybe I’ve seen too many movies and am too impressionable – but I just love timber.

The more I think about it – I reckon Disney shows and Daniel Boone probably had a lot to do with it.

daniel boone

I reckon there’s a whole generation out there with a love of timber. My American friend – movie and Facebook exec Chris Adams  – has told me how he absolutely loved Lincoln Logs – apparently very big in the US, but not so  big in Australia.

LL Frontier Cabinv2

I even like lingering around hardware stores where they have timber. The smell or different woods! I love visiting Scandinavian countries because of their love of different woods – and of course their wooden saunas!

I’m from North Queensland and one of the things I really enjoyed about moving south and travelling to cooler climes  on work assignments (and vacations) was being able to wear lumberjack shirts and visit timber and stone ski chalets and fishing lodges.


Mmmmm – lumberjack shirts, pancakes and maple syrup and wooden lodges. Maybe, I should take a trip to Canada!


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