Why we love Mad Men furniture – especially Roger Stirling’s groovy Corona chair?

Don’t you love Mad Men furniture – especially Roger Stirling’s groovy Corona chair?

While many fans may prefer Don Draper as their favourite character – for me Roger Sterling is far superior in the “hip office” department.

I love Roger’’s office – especially the Corona chair, which was very fashionable  in the 60s.( The Corona chair is the one in front of the spot pop art painting)

sterling mad men office

When visiting one of my clients in Sydney I was very excited to see modern replicas of these cool space-age looking Corona chairs. I fell in lust with the look and the feel of the chair.

mad men chair

Being such a fan of retro design, I researched the Corona chair and was interested to find:

  1. the chair, invented by Danish Designer Paul Volther
  2. the design evolved from an earlier model. The horizontal cushions with spaces in between were designed to give support and yet save on materials that were hard to acquire after World War II.
  3. The Corona chair was designed in 1961 and started to go mainstream in 1964


When I help advertising agencies with their pitches and presentations, I like to study the offices of modern day creative teams. It’s amazing to see Mad Men photos and quotes on many of the desks.  I’ve yet to meet an advertising person with an office  as fashionable as Roger Sterling’s office – but I keep hoping.

have seen Corona chairs is building lobbies and it’s interesting to see the number of people who want to test out the chairs.

A modern replica  of a Corona chair. will set you back around $1400 (ottoman included)

Of course I had to test drive the Corona chair I saw in  the  lobby.

mad men chair!

I can vouch that the Corona chair it is comfortable and you feel pretty chic  and stylish sitting in it.

To get that full Mad Men vibe  you just need that extra something that modern offices don’t seem to have – a drinks trolley and a good martini!


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