The benefits of the old-school “Mad Men shave”

The benefits of the old-school “Mad Men shave”


It’s funny how your attitudes change as you “mature” – how what  you once saw as old-fashioned and a waste of time can become an enjoyable ritual.

Take for example the old style of shaving – lathering up shaving soap on a brush.

shaving brush

When I was growing up that was something my granddad did. To me it seemed such a waste of time when you had fast and fancy shaving cream in a can!

Why bother? Get “with it” gramps!

The old–school style started to become fashionable again thanks to TV shows like Mad Men where Don Draper shaves using the old brush and lather technique.

For me, I love the slow-it-down ritual style of this old-school shaving style.

I wonder what the female equivalent of this male ritual is? Please share in the comments section if you have any ideas.

We are often so busy – rushing to get things done. It’s all about speed – rather than “soaking in the moment”.

I love slowing down for the shaving ritual.

Your whiskers get softer if you let them soak for a while and you get a better shave if you flow with smooth gliding movements rather than  fast and short “scrapes”

You should  try a slower shave and see what I mean. YOU can of course use shaving cream from a can – but the brush is even more old-school!

I look it as rebelling against the fast-paced rush rush rush world!

You are saying:  “This in MY time. I’m going to take my time. I will not be rushed!”

Sometimes you can shave in silence. Silence is something we don’t get enough of!

I shave in silence this sometimes –  and I find lots of creative ideas flood in during the “silence”

Other times I like to enjoy listening to the radio. Take your time  –  enjoy the moment!

shaving and radio

I even have my shaving ritual “kit” –  a notebook and pen to quickly capture ideas before they disappear  – and my modern yet  retro-looking radio!

And what about this great old retro ad – what better results are they talking about?!!

shavingold school


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