May the joy be with you – Reflections on Star Wars day!

If you have been anywhere near social media this weekend – you were probably bombarded by Star Wars jokes and messages celebrating International Star Wars Day – May the Fourth (and the unofficial follow-up Revenge of the Fifth)

What a wonderful weekend it has been to share with my 9-year-old son Orlando who (like me) is a big Star Wars fan.

O star wars

He greeted us draped in a throw rug and  wielding his mighty  light sabre.

He’s been dressing up for years now – since I took him to his first Supernova convention.

star wars O

This weekend he showed me his fancy moves on his new Star Wars X-box game – including the Intergalactic Dance off.

It's a snap

He loved the Han Solo “character” dancing to  cool Star Wars moves like The Trash Compactor and It’s a snap (inspired by it’s a trap!) I preferred the Princess Leia dancing in the Slave Girl outfit!

pop art SWH


Together – we laughed at all the Star Wars humour on Facebook sites and loved the creativity – especially the Princess Leia cupcake!

leia cupcake

We’d even make up our own lame jokes:

Imagine Bruce Willis in a new Star Wars movie – Jedi Harder!

O and T SW

It was a fun weekend – and my lasting image was my beautiful son in the park up the top of a climbing pole – his light sabre glowing in the fading light.

playground and light sabre

Thank you Star Wars for all the joy you’ve brought fans  (young and old) for such a long, long time!

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