Can you hear me Major Tom? What do you think of the new version?

What do you think of the reworking of the Bowie Classic Space Oddity by a real-life space  man? – Commander Chris Hadfield – the recent commander of the Space Station.

Chris Hadfield

The new version is attracting millions of views and meteor showers of attention, appreciation AND criticism.

Bowie Space oddity

One comment that amused me was: after listening to this, Chuck Norris surrendered!

It’s a bold move to take on such a classic.

Then again, astronauts are up for a challenge and the version is attracting lots of attention at a time when the Space Station rarely attracts any interest.

After hearing about he new version on the radio – I couldn’t wait to check it out on youtube.

I love the fact that Bowie was inspired to write about a spaceman in a tin can and then a spaceman in a tin can does the Bowie classic.


I showed the clip to my son and he thought it was awesome – especially the floating in space bits at the end. Amazing that the clip was shot on the space station. My son keeps moving around the house now in slow motion as of he is in zero gravity!

Of course, with the new version they update the lyrics and have to make it a happy song ending – a safe return to Earth!

I’m glad the song is attracting attention back to the Space station – and to the original version of the song by Bowie.

I do however miss the  strings (cello?) and the watery guitar – especially the rising notes at the end.

I used to love playing that part of guitar – just hitting a note two times as you rise up the fretboard!

I’m from the generation that was fascinated by  space and astronauts and I loved the Bowie song – especially listening through headphones to what seemed to be mind-blowing production.


And of sourse here’s the wonderful original for you to enjoy!

Please add your comments to the comments below!

Gotta go – I’m floating in the most peculiar way – and the stars look very different to-daaaay!


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