How would you react if thieves broke into your car and thought your “coolest” stuff wasn’t worth taking?

How would you react if thieves broke into your car?

How would you react if they left stuff you thought was super cool? Like it wasn’t worth taking?

Last night thieves broke into my car – in the driveway – but  I was grateful.

Grateful for the generation gap. Things I valued so much – were obviously not valued by the thieves.

retro car contents

I was so relieved when I found my retro picnic esky and favourite “retro” CDs (the Doors etc) and my Simon & Garfunkel book tote  were left untouched.

I’ve heard stories of people being “insulted” that thieves were not interested in their stuff.

I’m not insulted, I’m glad.

Of course, the thieves were probably people looking  for some quick cash. They didn’t even take the coinage that was there.

I like to think:

1.  They saw my stuff and thought I was so awesomely hip that they thought they better leave me alone.

2. Maybe they saw my Simon & Garfunkel tote bag filled with books and thought:

We don’t want to mess with this dude. He looks bad to the bone!

Of course, I jest.

I’m sure they didn’t have a clue who Simon and  Garfunkel were – or what a tote bag was – or what a book was?

In reality  – they probably got interrupted.

I’m just glad I still have my retro stuff!

retro stuff on car

Maybe you wouldn’t think any of this stuff was worth taking either.

Then again – if you read this blog – you probably DO like retro stuff!


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