Why Spock rocks

Mt spocks music from outer space

Why Spock rocks

spock guitar

As a kid, I loved Star Trek (the TV show)  and especially Mr Spock.

He seemed so “cool” – in a smart. logical way.

I also liked the way he seemed impervious to insults,

When you’re a kid the skill of ignoring insults really helps.

Later in life, I loved when as a TV reporter I’d be assigned to do Star Trek stories at sci-fi conventions.

I’d usually end up buying stacks of Star Trek stuff.


My favourite purchase was the Star Trek mug where the characters in the transporter room disappeared when you added hot liquid. I still have it – but usually save it for special occasions!

Warning: I love Spock – but I have lots of terrible recordings of Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner trying to get groovy and sing songs of the time.

(A link to a clip at the end of this post)


Many of my female friends love the new “sexy Spock”. I still like old Spock and I really enjoyed the recent video of a Challenge between old Spock and new Spock.

Sure – it’s an ad – but I found it a good chuckle and well executed.

Here’s my logical analysis if you are interested!


At least Leonard Nimoy didn’t sing!

I reckon he has a great sense of humour – he’s just not a great singer. See what you think in this link to a clip.

On a deeper viewing of this clip and listening to this song – I actually dig his sincerity and his expressive range –  the range from groovy to heart-felt patriotism.

Yes, Spock Rocks!


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