How the Vulcan Nerve Pinch and Vulcan Salute can help at home!

My 9-year-old son  Orlando is going through a phase(r) of being into everything Star Trek.


He thinks it’s cool that dad knows so much about Star Trek and has cool Star Trek stuff – like the thermo dynamic mug where the characters in the transporter room “disappear” or “appear” if you add hot  or cold liquid. Hot to make them disappear – cold to cool it down and make the characters appear.


Orlando “teaches” me about the new Star Trek movies.

I’m teaching him about the old Star Trek TV show.

He can be “hyperactive” and always bouncing around or talking about Star Trek or zombies.

I’ve found a way to get some peace – At his suggestion – I “act” in pretending to give him a Vulcan Nerve Pinch and he pretends to sleep for a while.

“How long does a person stay asleep, Daddy? he asks.

“About 8 hours” I reply – but he doesn’t believe me.

I’m lucky to get 3 minutes – but hey, it’s a start.

Sometimes he does the VNP (Vulcan Nerve Pinch) on me – and I pretend to fall asleep! Sometimes it a chance for me to really get some sleep.

Don’t worry – we just act without any pressure.

O nerd glasses IAGTTB

My son loves being a “scholar” of Star Trek things and he loves to tell people that the Vulcan Salute was inspired by a Jewish gesture for a blessing – in the shape of a V for Vulcan.

mosaic Vulcan salute

Me son gets a cheeky grin.

“Daddy I know a funny salute –  if Spock came from some aliens starting with the letter I”

I can imagine  – and ask him to not show me – or anyone else.

Stick to the Vulcan Salute – I encourage him.


Even my daughter is into the Vulcan salute!

C prosper

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