The joy of an old-school haircut from a Sinatra-loving barber

The joy of an old-school Sinatra-loving barber.

Barber 3

It was like a scene from one of those TV shows or movies – an old-school Italian barber, Sinatra songs blasting out on the CD player, and photos everywhere of stars from The Godfather, and 50s icons Elvis and Monroe.

barber 2

I was in Sydney for work and had a couple of hours between meetings. I must say the first thing that “hit me” was the swinging Sinatra tunes blasting out of one of those little “spaces” in the city.

Then I saw all the photos of  De Niro and Pacino, Sinatra, Dean Martin plus assorted Italian Opera stars.

I needed a “tidy-up” and decided to give this place a try – even though I’d never been there before.

need a barber

I know it sounds not a big deal – but I hadn’t been to an old-school barber in decades.

It was a nice buzz as it brought back so many childhood memories.

Also, it felt like being in a movie. I just hoped I wouldn’t get “whacked” 🙂 as tends to happen in movies.

It brought back memories of my dad taking my brother and me to the barber when we were kids.

I still remember the barber’s name was Billy Bragg – which was interesting because I later became a huge fan of Billy Bragg the musician.

I always remember getting a short back and sides. Back then you wanted a haircut to last a long time.

One of the best things about going to the barber was while my dad was busy getting HIS hair cut – I’d sneak a peak at some of the magazines. Very tame stuff by today’s standards but for a young boy it was exciting to look mags like  Australasian Post! Woo hoo!! Racy stuff!!

Aust post

Anyway, I’m looking forward to trying out some old-school barbers around Brisbane where I live.

Found this amusing visual haircut description that I might use. Which ones do you like??

The Executive Contour sounds good to me – but so does the Tony Curtis!!

retro haircuts

Another interesting thing about this old-school barber – the price – even in the heart of Sydney!

barber 1

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