How did you react when you first heard Punk Rock?

What was your reaction the first time your heard PUNK MUSIC (like the Sex Pistols or  bands of a similar vintage)?

God save the queen

I remember being shocked and excited at the same time. I was visiting “the big smoke” of Brisbane from Cairns on a school drama camp in 1977.

At the time, Australia lagged behind the music trends of the UK.

Queensland lagged behind Australia – and Cairns lagged behind “the big smoke” of Brisbane.

I was still listening to Led Zeppelin and had long hair!

Some other drama “kids” took a photo of the Queen off the wall in a hall and pogo-ed around it to “God Save the Queen”.

This was the first time I’d heard the Sex Pistols! I had been brought up to respect the Queen.

I wanted to grow up to be a Grenadier Guard! Of course I was older than in this photo when I first hear the Sex Pistols – but you get the idea!


Cairns was pretty conservative at the time and I was used to standing for the Queen at the movies etc.

I was shocked – but loved the energy of the music and the pogo. When I saw videos of the Sex Pistols I loved the “naughty boy” attitude.

Of course, these weren’t “real” punks  at drama camp – but school kids jumping up and down to exciting punk music!

What was your experience and reaction when you first heard punk rock?

To get you in the mood here’s a link to a clip of God Dave The Queen. Crank it up and pogo!

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2 thoughts on “How did you react when you first heard Punk Rock?

  1. Great post! I was listening to the ‘progressive’ rock of the big kids at school when punk happened. Never looked back. It was not only the music, it was the attitude, the creativity and the equality. I’m 48 now and still seeing the same bands I saw then (without the hair)…

    1. So true about the equality! It was like: hey anyone can do this! The New Wave that followed had such energy too. Sometimes I’m in the mood for Led Zep and Pink Floyd – and other times I just feel like Sex Pistols or The Ramones!

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