What memories do you have of “Starsky” shoes OR KT26s?


Were you an impressionable type who would buy things because TV characters had them?

I know I was!

When Starsky & Hutch was on TV – I remember wanting (and getting) his style of running shoes – the blue  and white Adidas ones.

And Starsky was always running fast in the show chasing bad guys. Must have been the shoes that made him so fast!

A matching Starsky 1975 Ford Gran Torino  would have been great too – but all I could afford was the shoes?

Actually my parents bought the fancy  Starsky shoes. I was kid.


What about you?

Maybe you preferred the funky platform shoes of Huggy Bear!

Later when I was at university – another style of shoes I remembered loving and having was the KT26.


Apparently these shoes were very popular in Papua New Guinea – because they were so hard-wearing even in harsh conditions.


I think the name had a lot to do with the success. The KT stood for Kinetic Technology – that sounded so scientific and hi-tech.

And of course 26 was a magical number – for the distance in miles of the Marathon.

In metric countries like Australia – maybe they should have changed it to the  KT42.195 – for 42 kilometres!

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