What memories do you have of Doc Martens?

What memories do you get from Doc Martens?


Many people associate the famous boots and shoes with Punks and Skinheads – yet the iconic “Docs” were part of the lives of so many other groups and subcultures.

The Clash

Doc Martens bring back so many memories for me – accompanied by a soundtrack of the music of The Clash and early Elvis Costello.

Docs also remind me of thinking I was so cool and indie seeing indie movies in the 80s  at the great old Valhalla cinema in Glebe, in Sydney.  Movies like A Clockwork Orange.

I must say it took me a while to be able to afford a pair of Docs – but I definitely got my wearing value out of them!

logo drmarten

doc martens shoes

I’m back in Glebe this week – wearing the same Docs I wore back in the the 80s – but these days I’m on a family vacation and piggy-backing my daughter – past the old Valhalla Cinema that now seems so gentrified and non-edgy.


T piggy back C

Docs seem to last forever. I had the shoes rather than the boots. I loved them and I still do. I still have an ox blood pair somewhere I will have to find.

I was chatting with  parent friends in the park today as we watched our kids playing.

One mum  said how she was a massive Doc Martens fan too and “lived in them”!

Another mum piped up: “I loved my Docs. I always wore them with my 501s!”

Then my wife adds: “I wore mine with my favourite tartan skirt!”

I wonder if our kids knew how cool their parents were back in their Doc days!

You may be familiar with the Docs history and legend – and how some of the earliest customers of Docs were housewives and postmen.

I love other trivia like how the brand so associated with Britain was originally from Germany and designed by a German army doctor Klaus Marten – with the umlaut over the A in Marten.

TB docs

I also think it is fortunate that the shoes were not named after another doctor – a friend of Klaus Marten who is credited with really helping the Doc get a strong “foothold” in the shoe business.

That doctor’s name: Herbert Funck

Imagine if they were called Doc Funcks!

I thought it was interesting how in the first decade of Docs – 80 % of customers were women over 40.

So that’s a good excuse – even if you are now a more mature and responsible parent – it’s OK to dig out your Docs and wear them.

T + C piggy back

If you’re interested – here’s a link to an entertaining UK article about the history of Docs!



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