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What memories do you get from the “Lone Ranger” music?

What memories do you get from the stirring theme from The Lone Ranger?


This weekend, seeing the new The Lone Ranger movie with my son has revived lots of wonderful, warm memories!

Watching the movie reminded me of the excitement of the TV show and listening to old records.

There are so many clips on youtube – here’s a link to a relatively short clip that combines the great theme + the stirring voice over + the sound effects of the gun shots etc.

Also, here’s a link to a father-son post inspired by the experience.

The movie also stirred up other random interesting associations – things I hadn’t thought of for decades such as:

1. an old Pizza Hut ad that drummed a phone number into our minds by using the old William Tell Overture (a.k.a Lone Ranger theme). 481 – double-1 double-1 (repeated 3 times)…Pizza hut delivery!

They eventually changed the number – but I reckon that would have to be one of the most memorable commercial phone numbers thanks to using that rhythm.

It would have been amazing to have been there when the creative mind realised how the number fitted the rhythm – or maybe they retro-fitted and deliberately created the number to match the rhythm – especially the double-1 double-1 part!

2. being taught at school about the power of music and rhythm. The William Tell Overture by Rossini is so stirring because it uses the power of the rhythm of a galloping horse. Plus the bugle-like call to arms and battle.

No wonder this  William Tell Overture music celebrating Swiss nationalism – was also appropriate for galloping horses and cavalry bugles in the US Wild West.


Just try this to see what I mean.

Drum your four fingers on a table – so fast that the 4 sound like 3 – that replicates the sound of a horse’s four hooves hitting the ground quickly in a gallop – and that’s the rhythm in that stirring theme. (it’s only part of the WT Overture   – but it’s the part that most people know!)

It’s amazing how the different rhythms of a horse’s speed influenced music. (But that’s for other posts about Country and Western and  the clip-clop rhythm of show tunes like Surrey with the Fringe on Top!)

3. The great (so bad it’s good) “dad’ joke my son really enjoyed about Why the Lone Ranger loves to ride To the dump –

To the dump to the dump – to the dump, dump, dump!

(Nerd alert: If I recall correctly – I think the rhythm is written in 3s:    tika-ti tika ti tika ti ti ti – but it still sounds like the gallop of four hooves quickly hitting the ground)

Anyway, just random memories – stirred up like a cloud of dust by the galloping hooves of Silver!


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