What are your memories of The Jam and Paul Weller?

What memories come back to you when you hear the music of The Jam?


For me, the music brigs back memories that are a powerful mixture of admiration and angst  – fascination and frustration!

I was blown away by the power and energy of their music and Paul Weller’s songwriting and especially his lyrics.

I was also frustrated that I could never be as cool as Paul – his clothes, his haircut, and his general image.

I played in uni bands trying to get UK indie look.

Egg 2

But I was too ethnic-looking – I looked more like De Niro in his Rupert Pupkin era.

TB egg polo neck

Our band was in Australia – but there were lots of impressionable Jam fans here too.

There was even a bit of a Mod  revival scene – with “Mods” trying to look cool but sweating so much in their Parkas in hot Australia.

You could only wear your parkas comfortably in “winter” – which in Queensland lasted about a week 🙂

I wasn’t cool enough to be a Neo-Mod – but I’ve always liked the Mod music and design – and I still do.

TB cafe parka

I still love wearing my Parka! and my Jam shirt – even in my “responsible dad” years.

The Jam T shirt

What about you? Are you still proud to be a Jam fan?

When I listen to the Jam, it brings back memories of my mates spray-painting the The Jam all around the place.


I was happy for but envious of a mate who got a beautiful shiny Rickenbaker  – that looked just like the type Weller played.

Oh, how I wanted a guitar like that!

Can you relate?

Jam ricks

Actually, both Paul Weller and  bass player Bruce Foxton had  “matching” Ricks! They looked so cool!

I also remember my mate searching through so many Op shops looking for Jam-like  striped jackets.

You can be a bit obsessive when you’re young!

The Jam fashion

This week I’ve been reading and enjoying the book The Modfather – My Life with Paul Weller about a young UK fan’s obsession with The Jam and Paul Weller.

If you’re a Jam and Paul Weller fan –  you’ll dig it –  it’s a fun read.


I’ve been listening to lots of Jam music too – and appreciating just how good Weller’s lyrics were. I appreciatehis brilliance now being older.

I now work as a writing coach and trainer.

word nerd CU

If you’re interested in Weller’s lyrics – his songs inspired these posts.

1.How Paul Weller’s lyrics can help you improve your writing – That’s Entertainment

2.Slashed-seat affairs – How Paul Weller uses “anti-adjectives”

3.Down in the tube station at midnight – write like a movies camera from different angles

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