Scrub Me Do – working through every Beatles album in order – the early years

early albums

What memories do you get when you hear songs from the early Beatles albums?

For me it’s dancing as kids around our old radiogram – often jumping so hard, the needle jumped and skipped.


I lived in Australia. Back in the 60s we still had a big British influence – Standing for the Queen (on film) at the movies. Our maps at school had the Commonwealth in pink in parts all over the world.

I’d go to dress-ups like this:



Quick explanation of Scrub Me Do.

Today, I took advantage of a rare opportunity – to attempt to listen to every Beatles album in order – a house to myself, lots of cleaning to do, a good sound system and every Beatles album at my disposal. Bliss.

Beatles collection

In one session I worked my way from Please Please Me to The White Album. I’ll finish the rest in another session.

I was cleaning a house and doing chores – so I called the project Scrub Me Do. 

scrub me do

Witty friends suggested other puns – I’m Only Sweeping and Yellow Washing Machine.


Other friends shared how they’d also listened to every album in order – though over several days.

I’m sharing the experience and the memories Scrub Me Do brought back.


As a kid, we never owned these early albums.

Sure, my groovy mum seemed to have several singles – but not the albums. Many of these early songs I’d never heard until today.

mum TV

Hearing the songs I DID know  brought back a flood of warm memories like twisting around the radiogram.

And the cool toy Beatles guitar my parents got me!

beatles toy guitar

Back then, Australia seemed to lag  behind the UK and the US.

The state I lived in (Queensland) lagged behind the rest of Australia and the city I lived in (Cairns in Far North Queensland ) lagged behind the rest of Queensland.

Still, listening to The Beatles seemed so  exciting – the music sounded so energetic and (to me) wild with the screaming and primitive-sounding vocals – Twist and Shout.

When I started learning guitar – like thousands of kids around the world – I listened again and again to my mum’s  45s trying to learn how to play George’s licks and lead solos.

Probably the same way George had listened to learn his Chuck Berry licks .

I can still play the lead solo from Roll Over Beethoven – note for note.

Trouble is – that’s the only solo I can do and I would play if for most songs – even when I later played in bands at uni in the 80s!

Happy Men gig

Funny how attitudes change!

I remember as a young boy – not liking Paul’s “softer” and sweeter songs he sang like the cover  Till There Was You. (from With The Beatles)



Today I truly appreciated how sweetly he could sing. So beautiful!

Paul could also “rough it up” in songs like  Twist and Shout – but as a boy I was most impressed by  Lennon’s raw vocals in that song. (From Please Please Me)


Then of course, there was the magic of  “that chord” – you know the chord and the song I am talking about!


Listening to these early albums in my project Scrub Me Do – made me feel like a kid again!

Not a cool teenager – but an over enthusiastic 8 or 9 year old.

Today I was jumping up and down and screaming along and  even playing “broom guitar” over George’s solos.

broom guitar

Lucky I had the place to myself!

What are the stand out songs for you on these early albums?

What memories do they bring back for you?

Please share in the comments section below.

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