Did your parents have any albums that were so “groovy” you just had to add the albums to your collection?

It was like striking oil – finding this album in a box of old vinyl records I’d left at my folk’s place when I moved to another city.

Lots of great memories came gushing out!!! Black vinyl gold – Texas Tea!

S & G

I remember this album so well. It was my mum’s album and I remember being “blown away” by the groovy art work.

Even just looking at the cover now – gets me  “feeling groovy”.

Later, when I’d buy my own albums I was more into Joy Division and The Dead Kennedys – but when I left home I wanted to take this Simon & Garfunkel album with me. (The album went back to my folks with boxes of some other stuff – when I later moved to another  city!)

Joy D

Dead Kennedys

I remember the lyrics to “I am a Rock” got me interested in writing and “poetic devices” and song lyrics – and probably helped turn me into a word nerd!


word nerd CU

What about you?

Did your parents have any albums that had a big effect on your life? CDs or vinyl!

Please share your comments below.

The great thing about vinyl was the big art work – not the same looking at a smaller CD cover!


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