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What memories loom large from that TV show “Land of the Giants”?

land of the giants

I hadn’t thought of the Land of the Giants for years – until today when on Facebook I saw a funny photo of a beach shower designed to like a Sprite dispenser.LOTG Sprite

This photo brought back a sweet gush of memories of that 60s TV show  Land of the Giants where Earth people had to survive on the planet where everything was “giant sized’.

I loved that show when I was a kid. Back in the 60s and 70s Australia seemed to be  behind the US and we seemed to get TV shows later. I think I saw the show in re-runs.

Anyway, I reckon that show had a lasting effect on me.

LOTG go go

When I look back – I think the show was one of the reasons I found “go-go boots” looked so cool and attractive.

Where I lived in North Queensland was very hot – so the only time you saw outfits like this was on TV shows!

So many shows like Star Trek  also had “cool uniforms” – well cool to a young boy anyway.

And look at the “furniture”! – a cotton reel stool!

and I have vivid memories of that giant hand!

LOTG hand

and the giant camera…and that terrifying cat!

LOTG camera

Even as a kid, I remember that show reminded me a bit of Lost in Space – with some of the characters.

I’ll have to organise a get-together with some of my mates who are also fans of this type of TV show.

We’ll Get some DVDs of Land of the Giants –  and have a good, big  laugh!


One more thing. These days I am a  responsible corporate trainer.

When I travel to international assignments and stay in nice hotels, I love to get those tiny bottles from the mini-bar.

I imagine the bottles are the normal size – and I am a Giant.

…and I bet I’m not the only LOTG fan to do this!!

What are your strongest memories from LOTG? Which memories loom large!

Please add in the comments section below.


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