UK duo #PublicServiceBroadcasting – a powerful combo of old and new!

As a kid were you “brought up” watching those old war movies like The Dam Busters and Reach for the Sky?


Usually they were on a Sunday afternoon. They were the sort of movies dads would often watch with their sons. For me, there was often the smell of a “Sunday roast” cooking in the background 🙂 Funny, the memories that come back!


Even though I lived in Australia, boys in the 1960s and 70s were raised on these British movies – heroic tales from WWII.

Boys were often also into making model planes – especially Spitfires. Even as a grown up, I still love Spitfires – and those old movies.


You can imagine how delighted I was when a twitter follower and fellow Spitfire fan let me know about a UK duo called Public Service Broadcasting and especially their song Spitfire.

The songs is an instrumental with sampled lines from the classic movie The First of the Few (also known as Spitfire)





So if you grew up watching those classic WWII movies and making model planes – I’m sure you will love this clip.

In previous posts I shared how these old movies and model planes made me a big fan of the RAF roundel (that later became a Mod sign).

C and T and Mod logo

I was also delighted to see Public Service Broadcasting has a T-shirt with their variation of the roundel!


and here’s a link to the clip.




and here are links to other posts about Spitfires and Roundels!




Spitfires and Roundels


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