Come on! What’s your favourite song performed by The Saints (Aussie Band)?

What’s your favourite song performed by The Saints?      (I’m) Stranded?     Know Your Product?      One of their energetic covers?

The Saints


If first “fell in love” with the sound of The Saints when I was a student. “Cooler” friends introduced me to sound of The Saints – fast paced, fuzzed-up guitar with a low-fi, “not-too-slick and over-produced” vibe.

I practised and practised my cheap guitar until I could play in that  fast chord style – but I had always trouble working out what the lyrics were. It was only years later – I understood what Chris Bailey was actually singing!


I always loved his snarled “Come On!”

I loved “(I’m) Stranded” – but what really got me hooked was their unusual combination (for the time) of “punk” guitar and fat horns and edgy lyrics of “Know Your Product”.

That’s my all-time favourite Saints song!

What’s yours? Come on – please share in the comments section below.



I remember thinking I was so cool blasting out The Saints – until one day I was amazed that my mother knew the lyrics to “my” band.

She educated me that Lipstick on Your Collar  was a cover from her generation. I imagined a young Chris Bailey enjoying the original version – probably listening to an old 45 from his family or a cool aunt or uncle.


I also loved their fuzzed-up version of the old Elvis song “Kissing Cousins” from the movie of the same name.

I imagined that Chris Bailey had probably been an Elvis movie fan too as a kid.  One of his later projects was Kid Galahad (another Elvis movie). I always thought his shaky leg movement was just a hint of Elvis too. I could be wrong – that was just my take.

Lots of “later” Australian bands also loved The Saints. Hunters & Collectors covered “Know Your Product”. Midnight Oil also performed that song live.


Bruce Springsteen on a recent Australian tour covered “Just Like Fire Would”.  Sometimes visiting artists try to throw in a song by a local act. IMHO this cover was a suitable and intelligent choice and the lyrics and musical style really suited Springsteen’s natural style. It didn’t seem forced or token.


A few days ago, fans had a real blast from the past when Hunters & Collectors performed “Know Your Product”. The band  got up their old mate on stage – Peter Garret from Midnight Oil!


As a friend of mine and fellow music fan wrote: iconic band with an iconic guest performing an iconic song.


If you haven’t seen it – below are links to:

1. The Saints original

2. the recent Hunters & Collectors and Peter Garret version.


These days I work as a “mature and responsible” corporate consultant helping organisations improve their productivity and communication.


A blast from that song – inspired this Know your Product(ivity) post! Yes, I love a good pun and can’t help myself!









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