Were you a Sony Walkman fan? Listening to surf music down by the waves!

Are there certain pieces of technology that make you swoon or bring back great memories for you?


For me the old 80s Sony Walkman brings back so many warm and wonderful memories!

sony walkman


This post was inspired by a recent visit to see a fantastic collection of album covers.

Seans art


While I appreciated looking at the album art – I realised that I was more into the mobility of cassettes and the exciting new technology of the Sony Walkman! So compact!!!

At the time, I was really into listening to surf music AT THE BEACH.

I was never a good surfer – but I was much better playing surf guitar! 🙂



I remember the joy of listening to cassettes of surf music and watching the breaking waves – the bright sparking, splashy cymbal sounds “sounding like” the early-morning sun reflecting on the waves


AND that famous surf music sound (the fast ,energetic descending note played on one string perfectly matching a peeling wave! Peeling: breaking nicely down the line – not breaking all at once)




The portable Sony  Walkman was shiny too – and sleek.

I played it so much and so often – it wore out. Still, the memories live on!!


Here is a link to that surf sound and that peeling wave sound. Listen out for the sparking cymbals and the “peeling wave” sound! Enjoy!



If you know a technical name for that surf music “glistening glissando” please add it to the comments section below.


Also please share if YOU have any favourite memories of listening to music in a special location – it doesn’t have to be with a walkman!


Stay casual!





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