Why you should enjoy the indulgence of listening to early Cure albums – in bed!


video the cure a forest

On a recent beach holiday, my wife and I would tag team with our two young kids. I’d take the kids to the beach in the morning. She would take the kids in the afternoon while I would:

1. try to get some writing work done

2. clean up around the unit we were all staying in.

I had the rare gift of time – and I loved it.




I decided one day to enjoy a real indulgence. Instead of having my favourite music on in the background while I did chores – I decided to listen to two of my favourite albums by The Cure – uninterrupted  – and in bed!

Please let me explain.


When I was a teenager I fell ill with glandular fever and I had to stay in bed. I’d read and often listen to my favourite albums at the time including The Cure’s Seventeen Seconds and Faith. 

I know The Cure had a reputation for depressing music – but I was more interested in the “art” of those albums – the sounds that were  so “new” for that time (the drums and the phased guitars and bass) – and how short instrumentals would blend into fast driving songs.


I also loved the “unusual” sounds like what I describe as “angry breathing” on Play for Today on Seventeen seconds.


Anyway, one afternoon on this beach holiday I decided to listen to both these albums – in bed – and to really listen.


What a treat – what  happy memories of a time of  musical discovery!

What a luxury of listening to entire albums and the way one song blends into another and actively listening to the production and the sounds.

Maybe I’m just a big music nerd! If you enjoy your music too – I encourage you to take the time to listen to your favourite albums from start to finish with total focus.

Yes, I know we are often too busy – but I am so glad I took the time to really re-discover these albums in bed – the way I “discovered” them the first time round!


After listening the these albums – I started exploring videos on Youtube.


Eugene and the Egg copy copy

The clips reminded me of bands I played in  at university. We were in Brisbane, Australia – but we loved that UK vibe and image.


Anyway, I better go do some more house chores – like fixing that tap that just goes drip, drip drip…

I live an ordered, contented life these day – but listening to The Cure makes reminds me of the energy and enthusiasm of those uni days!


In a previous post, I wrote about how I loved to listen to Midnight Oil’s Diesel and Dust when I was driving dusty roads. It was a real joy to listen to these early Cure albums in bed.

Do you have any type of music you like to listen to in any particular locations?

Please share in the comments section below.


Also, please share what the music of The Cure means to you. Any favourite songs?


Here’s a link to a clip of Play for Today and some of those unusual sounds like the “angry breathing”. I always loved the cymbal sounds too.



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