Mad Men season 7 – how we are introduced to the latest “Don” – he’s gone electric!

Are you a fan of Mad Men? Have you enjoyed how the characters have changed over the years?


My wife and I are massive fans of the show. We’ve been away on a family beach vacation so when we got home we had to catch up with the latest Mad Men season.

Do you also love the first episode of  a new season?

How characters are re-introduced and how our first encounters with the characters:

1. quickly remind us of where we left the characters

2. set the scene for the world they are living in now. What’s the same? What’s changed?


As  a real  “cinema nerd”, I’ll often just enjoy a scene on first viewing – then go back and analyse the scene – the symbolism, angles, blocking of a shot etc.


I loved how we were introduced to Don in the latest series. Did you notice these things too?

MM shave



1. Don is freshening up (looks like it’s in a plane bathroom – confined and cramped)

2. In previous eps, Don enjoys a more leisurely old-school soap and lather shave. In series 7 he is moving with the times and using an electric razor.


3. Don usually moves at his own pace – in the direction he wants to go. We see him on a “travellator”  passively getting taken along by circumstances.

4. Sunny LA. I love the sun-soaked shot for when we see Don stepping out into California.  I imagine the shooting was timed to make the most of the (low angled) sun reflecting in the shiny cars etc. It’s dazzling!

MM sunny LA

That’s Megan getting out of the shiny sportscar. Usually Don is in the driver seat. Once again, he seems a “passenger” in this scene. As the scene ends you hear the sound of the car driving off and a plane engine (reminds me of the start to Back in The USSR by The Beatles) Movement, motion, power, “modernity”!

retro luggage


As a retro fan, I love the effort that goes into recreating the look for Mad Men – especially the retro props.

I’m a huge fan of retro luggage and love collecting and using “vintage” jet-setting luggage!

New vintage luggage


As Don would say: You’re not selling luggage – you’re selling mobility!

The world is moving so fast around him – I wonder if he’ll be able to keep up!


Any other things you notice or take out of the latest series? Please share in the comments section below.

Oh, I better go get a coffee. I also love the changing logos at the ad firm  – especially the funky colours and fonts on the “current” SCP coffee mugs!

SCP mug



I was first introduced to Mad Men by young advertising creative teams I was helping in Melbourne. Their US colleagues showed them episodes BEFORE the show aired in Australia.



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