Wearing your old college sweatshirts – even years later – is it OK?

Do you still wear your college sweatshirts or hoodies – even years after you left college or university?



It it just something to wear to keep you warm – or does this clothing “warm” you with memories of a more carefree time in your life?


This post was inspired by an old photo I found this morning that brought back memories of my days at Queensland Uni and my favourite college sweatshirt.

college sweat shirts UQ.


It was a fun time and this photo reminds me of listening to the fun music of Jonathan Richmond. He seemed to be a fan of the college sweatshirt too.

Jonathan Richman college



In Australia, we called these – sweatshirts “Sloppy Joes”. When I studied in the US – I found out that Sloppy Joes were something you ate!

It’s funny, I still have my jacket from Mizzou – the University of Missouri-Columbia where I studied journalism.



That jacket is older than my kids  – and older than my marriage. (as you’d expect)


and it still fits! Wooohooo!


For me, education was a real privilege – especially a scholarship to studying the US. Even when I’d visit friends in other cities – I’d collect sweatshirts from different universities.




Maybe,  I’d just seen too many teen movies – but I’d always wanted to go to college in the US!

Of course, I enjoyed my Australian uni days too! That Queensland Uni sweatshirt was stolen off my clothes line.

I wonder if I should buy a new one? Or is that being too sentimental?




I’m keen to know your views. Do you “prize” your old college clothes?

Do you enjoy wearing them “in private” but not in public?


A US friend recently visited Australia and brought me a new T-shirt from Mizzou.

My old Mizzou t-shirt had too many holes.

Maybe my US friend understands the value of the memories of old college clothes. I think there is a different “pride” in the US about your old college allegiances.

mizzou tigers



Please share your college clothes “protocol” in the comments below.

phil dunphy hoodie


I don’t want to be like that immature character Phil Dunphy from Modern Family!  Or do I?

This blog is NOT ABOUT LIVING IN THE PAST – IT’S ABOUT HAVING A LAUGH TODAY (about things that make you smile).

You are probably not the only person who enjoys these memories. Please share this with someone you think will get a smile from it!





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