Do you remember retro games like Battleship? Check out these “treasures”

Did you ever play this as a kid?


The other night my family was visiting another family (from school) and I spotted this on a shelf – partially hidden under other things.


I couldn’t help myself – and had to take a closer look.




Yes, it was the original Battleship game – not a newer model – but the same one I had as a kid.


The retro art work brought back so many memories. I bought my son a newer version – but it just wasn’t the same!


I was impressed how this fellow dad had kept all the pieces together for so long.


This takes discipline. I don’t even know what happened to my old Battleship game!


Yet this dad played the retro version of this game with his son – AND he kept all the pieces together.

BS pieces


Don’t you love the clean-cut retro cover? How “the girls” are in the background doing the dishes! Take a look.



Anyway, this fellow dad knows I dig retro –  and later in the night he wants to show me something.

Down in the rumpus room – in a cabinet (locked up) are other well-kept retro games – from his wife’s side of the family – probably games she played as a girl.


Games like…Bionic Woman.

bionic woman

And my favourite (apart from Battleship) a very retro Scrabble. Check out the fashion and the carpet!








I also saw a word that was soooooo popular when I was a kid – but a word I hadn’t seen for decades.


That word?







Please share your favourite memories of board games in the comments section below.

Our kids came and gathered around us as this dad showed me his collection of retro board games.

“Back in our day – we didn’t have video games or the internet” we said (sounding like Grandpa Simpson!)




Maybe next time we’ll have father-son teams playing the retro Battleship game. The girls (our wives) will be busy washing the dishes (by hand!) 🙂


Only joking! They’ll probably be playing Bionic Woman!


This blog is NOT JUST ABOUT LIVING IN THE PAST – IT’S ABOUT HAVING A LAUGH TODAY (about things from your past that make you smile).

You are probably not the only person who enjoys these memories. Please share this with someone you think will get a smile from it!







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