May the joy be with you – #StarWars Day 2014 – before and after

My 10-year-old son and I are both big Star Wars fans.

O star wars


For us, Star Wars Day celebrations last much longer than one day!


1. There’s the build-up – enjoying all the geeky humour on sites such as The Dork Side and Think Geek (and many others). Lots of things get recycled – but they are still amusing.




2. Then there’s the actual day –  May the Fourth – we went to a Star Wars Movie Marathon. This was the first time my boy had seen the movies on the big screen.


starwars marathon


I like to make the day special for my boy – so I started off by making Star Wars pancakes.

Star Wars pancakes


My Yoda got a bit burnt and looked like he was going over to the dark side.


SWP darkside


Luckily other charred pancakes I could pass off as Luke’s aunt and uncle – or Alderaan. He got the references!



3. And just when you are having withdrawal symptoms…because we celebrate the day in Australia, before the US – on the day after, we get to enjoy all the social media stuff that comes out of the US.

Then the anticipation starts all over again!


This blog is NOT JUST ABOUT LIVING IN THE PAST – IT’S ABOUT HAVING A LAUGH TODAY (about things from your past that make you smile).

You are probably not the only person who enjoys these memories. Please share this with someone you think will get a smile from it!






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