Remembering Doc Neeson from The Angels – what’s your favourite memory or song or lyric?


The Angels early

Just saw on twitter that Doc Neeson has died. Think I’ll have to blast out some Angels songs in remembrance.

As a young man, seeing the Angels live, I was always impressed with Doc’s “theatrical” performance.

To me he wasn’t just a singer – but an “actor” really acting out the songs and the characters in songs.


The Angels No Exit

I dabbled in drama at the time – and loved telling my friends that No Exit – as well as being an Angel’s album (and song) was also a play by Jean-Paul Satre.

Doc (real name Bernard) was an arts student – and in my opinion his performances were ambitiously artistic.


The lighting and use of stage equipment was theatrical too – with shafts of light like prison bars or Doc using a boom mike-stand like a machine gun straffing the audience.

These are my fond memories of Doc. What are yours? – please share in the comments section below.

In my opinion, The Angels really raised the bar for Aussie bands and the pub rock scene  – in terms of performance and production.

I saw echoes of the Angels in bands that followed –  like Midnight Oil – the theatrical lighting – the movement.

Doc seemed to have a “modified pogo” jumping up and down –  but with a scarf above his head – or with his fingers spread wide open.

Peter Garret from Midnight Oil’s movement reminded me a bit of Doc.


Recently I heard Rob Hirst from Midnight Oil speak about how some of the Oils songs were influenced by The Angels and how their lighting was influenced by The Angels.

I think he said that the Oils even later used the Angel’s lighting dude (who was theatre trained)


But I digress – like someone pogo-ing around at an Angel’s concert.


Thank you Doc – for your music – and your performance – and your making rock shows more theatrical.


I’ll probably put on a CD of No Exit later today.

My favourite Angels song? Probably Shadow Boxer. What’s yours?

Favourite lyrics?:

the candle that sheds a tear – No Exit

the haunted tear that never fell –  Dawn is Breaking


I know many Australian and other Angels fans around the world will associate Doc and the Angels with the audience response to Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again?

Yes, the were a great  hard-working, honest pub band. Doc was a great “pub band” singer.


They were also – much, much more!


Please share your memories and favourite songs and lyrics in the comments section below.










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