Have you seen these new re-workings of the old Ca Plane Pour Moi?


Wow – this post was inspired as I was bouncing up and down (pogo-style) on a trampoline when I took my kids to the launch of a new trampoline centre.


I had a go too and  in my head I was imagining bouncing to songs by The Ramones AND the old Ca Plane Pour Moi.

I remember loving the old video of the song and I went on Youtube to watch it again.

As well as finding the old Plastic Bertrand version – I found all sorts of interesting more recent versions. Some are pretty racy!

Another video  was over-layed vision of the old Movie Faster Pussycat Kill Kill (I think).

Funny watching the old B&W groovy dancing to this tune.


Anyway, enjoy!

Please add your reactions in the comments section below.


First the Plastic Bertrand version:


and the groovy  dancing clip one:




and this rather racy one I found. Not Racy the old group – racy in style!



There are so many versions of this great song.

I still like the “elegant simplicity” of the Plastic Bertrand version – especially the way he throws his head back for woo-oo-oo-ooo!


I bet you’ll now have this song stuck in your head!


Here’s a link to another post about how pogo-ing (on a trampoline) to this song helped inspire an idea Pogo Au Go-Go!


Pogo au Go-Go




SAA bgrd

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