Bucket Hat buzz – the height of fashion! What do you think – fashionable or just practical?

Have you see all the latest buzz about how all the hip and current people  are wearing bucket hats.



This made me chuckle – because it made me realise how cool my family was on our camping and fishing holidays when I was a kid. We wore bucket hats – in orange – a very hip colour at the time.



I just thought we were being practical – with greater sun protection!

Also, I had one with a zip compartment in the top.

The bucket hat was often popular with fisherman – and I fondly remember the hat on  fly fisherman Henry Blake in MASH!

henry blake hat

Even as a kid, I thought this hat was so symbolic. He was in the military – yet his hat showed colour and variety and an interest in more peaceful pursuits.


When I did my defence correspondent training, our army instructors taught us how to use our hats as oven mitts when cooking our C-rations!  Oh – the practicality.

War Correspondent training

My favourite bucket hats were in terry towelling. You could also use them as a mini towel – to wipe the sea spray from your face!

I’ll have to dig out some I collected on my travels!

Tb bucket hat 2


The only problem is bucket hats tend to blow away in the wind. That’s why you need the chin cord/strap to keep them anchored on your head!


I have a great surfing bucket hat from a trip to Western Australia – good brim for sun protection AND a chin cord to stop it blowing away.


What do you think about the bucket hat?  Fashionable or ugly?

What memories do you have of bucket hats?

Please share in the comments section below.

Below is a link to an article that inspired this post.


So – a toast to the practical and again fashionable bucket hat!

TB bucket hat



bucket hats – what’s the appeal


SAA bgrd

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