Why retro flight bags are “cool” and stylish

Sentimental as Anything

Are you a fan of the retro flight bag? What memories do flight bags bring back to you?

For me – the retro flight bag always brings back images of The Beatles jumping on and off planes with their flight bags – often photographed emerging from the plane doors or walking down the stairs.

Back in the 1960s – flying was glamorous. It was a status symbol to fly and the flight bag (that was often given away to passengers) was a sure sign you were a jet setter.

with retro Qantas bag – the cane was not a fashion accessory but from back when I recovering from a torn Achilles tendon!

I love collecting retro flight bags and over the years I’ve picked up some real bargains for $20 at op shops and markets. These days bags can fetch high prices as there is a generation of people out…

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