Living la vida joke-a – so many #puns on the #RickyMartin song >

Do you remember when this song first came out? So many people have made parodies or had pun fun with the title! Enjoy!


This post was “inspired” by two “bad puns:

1. a tweet I read this morning that made me smile  – Living La Vida Data.

2. when a professional friend told me of a locum opportunity – I responded with “living La Vida Locum”.

Many people – including me cannot resist puns.

And this song – from way,way back in 1999 has spawned so many puns – comedy videos and even clothing slogans.

One of my favourites was Jimmy Fallon’s Living La Vida Yoda. Many people attribute this to Weird Al – but I believe it was written by Jimmy Fallon when he was on Saturday Night Live.

living la vida yoda

Then there’s the clothing – for those living a life without much money – Living La Vida Broka.

livin-la-vida-broka shirt

I think that’s what it means 🙂

When I would do “blokey” things I would say I was Living La Vida Bloke-a.


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