How do you pronounce Adidas? and How it got its name

TB adidas



Were you into Adidas gear?

I was – especially at high school.  And even these days when I drop my kids at school I see dads in Adidas gear.

I got back into it because I spend so much time  kicking balls around with my son – and to try to keep fit (so I can keep up with my kids!)


I am in no way connected with Adidas – I’m just interested in popular culture and yes, as a kid I was into Adidas. So I guess it reminds me of my youth.


Anyway, at my kids’ school one dad jokingly calls me Run DMC when I wear my hoodie.


That prompted a “dad conversation” with all-important questions such as:


How do you pronounce Adidas, I asked him.


“Ad-DEE-das” or “AD-ee-das”?


Being a bit of a word nerd, I wanted to find out.


C and TB train


Like a lot of Australians I pronounced it ad-DEE-has – but I believe the correct pronunciation is AD-dee-das –  and here’s why according to my “research”


The name comes from the name of the original German founder  “Adi” Dassler.


His real first name was Adolf.


His father was Rudi (Rudolf) – so Adolf’s shortened nickname became Adi.

Adi- Dassler


There is also a myth that ADIDAS stands for All Day I Dream About Sports. (an acronym)


However that is a backronym – an acronym that goes back and is formed after to made up words for each letter in an existing word. I told you I was a word nerd!

word nerd CU

Now, often a more common “incorrect” pronunciation takes over a “correct” and original pronunciation – and often that “wrong” pronunciation is spread my popular culture.


As one of the dads informed me. (the Dad who jokingly calls me Run DMC)

RUN DMC has a song called My Adidas

The all-important question is: How does Run DMC pronounce Adidas?

AD-de-das  OR


– hear for yourself.




SAA bgrd

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