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What memories do you have of transistor radios – especially pocket radios?

Sentimental as Anything

What memories do you have of transistor radios – especially those tiny, tinny transistor radios? Listening to the cricket? The ABC news theme? Sneaking your radio under the bed covers and listening to your favourite tunes?

still love to listen to a “retro” radio!

Some generations had the big family radio that was the size of a filing cabinet, then the “portable radio” , then the tiny transistor  pocket radio. I was a transistor radio kid!

I remember it so vividly. Being blown away  – hearing 10 CC’s “I’m Not in Love” on my pocket transistor radio. Even with the ”tinny” single earphone , the songs sounded heavenly – like a choir of angels. I was transported to another place.  Can’t remember the brand name but the radio was black plastic with a vinyl (imitation leather) case.

I also remember having both my eyes bandaged after an accident with an…

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What memories do you get from the fab fabric – Terry Towelling?

Sentimental as Anything

Did you wear terry toweling as a kid? Do you still wear it?

I still love to wear my prized retro bright orange Yachtees Terry Towelling shirt.  It’s like wearing a towel – the warm embrace is comforting and brings back so many golden memories –   the beach, caravan holidays, bright and carefree days!

They were often called the Marlin shirt because of the marlin logo – but the official name was Yachtees!

My wife bought this vintage Bonds Yachtee shirt for me when she found it at markets at Byron Bay. The shirt gets so many comments when I wear it out.

Mums at school usually say “My dad had one of those!” or “I had a terry towelling hat!” It was such a “dad” shirt back in the late 60s and early 70s.

I had one of those TT hats too – mine had the zipper…

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How do you pronounce Adidas? and How it got its name

Sentimental as Anything

TB adidas

Were you into Adidas gear?

I was – especially at high school.  And even these days when I drop my kids at school I see dads in Adidas gear.

I got back into it because I spend so much time  kicking balls around with my son – and to try to keep fit (so I can keep up with my kids!)

I am in no way connected with Adidas – I’m just interested in popular culture and yes, as a kid I was into Adidas. So I guess it reminds me of my youth.

Anyway, at my kids’ school one dad jokingly calls me Run DMC when I wear my hoodie.

That prompted a “dad conversation” with all-important questions such as:

How do you pronounce Adidas, I asked him.

“Ad-DEE-das” or “AD-ee-das”?

Being a bit of a word nerd, I wanted to find out.

C and TB train

Like a lot of Australians…

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More random fun, “geeky” stuff about calculator spelling

Sentimental as Anything

So many fascinating facts about calculator spelling.

In a previous post I wrote about how I hadn’t thought about calculator spelling since the 1970s – until this week when I was trying to “entertain” my son who was starting at a new school.


I started doing some “research” on the phenomenon of calculator spelling and found out all sorts of amazing, random facts – well random at least!

The Hollies released an album called 5317704.


To those fluent in the language of calculator spelling – that is of course HOLLIES upside down!

I even found out about a Nerdcore rapper MC Frontalot who has a song called 80085.


I will definitely have to check him out – sounds interesting to me –but then again I also like calculator spelling.

There are similar “Nerd” gags in shows like Big Bang Theory where Raj’s favourite number is 5318008.

BIg Bang Theory

Anyway, I was interested…

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Were you a “caravan kid”?

Sentimental as Anything

Were you a caravan kid? –(a kid who had caravan holidays as an important part of your growing up.)

I certainly have many happy memories of caravan holidays – frugal, fun-filled holidays that seemed to last forever.

This Australia Post stamp really sums up the feel of caravan holiday experience in the 70s – lots of cricket with bins as wickets and hordes of other kids to run around with – the smell of BBQs, steaks and onion and of course big fluffy bread buns and lots of beetroot and pineapple! And later in the night the sounds of grown-ups laughing and maybe even singing and dancing to Hot August Night!

A great mate of mine is a retro fan. He did up an old caravan and filled it with his retro objects and  my son and I have had the pleasure of staying in the van – retro…

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Memories of Captain and Tennille – the story behind that Captain hat and name!

Sentimental as Anything

What image do you think of when you think of  the duo Captain & Tennille?

Captain & T photos

For me – it is that “Captain’s hat”.

I hadn’t thought about the duo since the 1970s until  recent news of the duo divorcing.

(O.K. – There was one, brief time when I thought of Captain & Tennille – when I  had to explain to my son a Captain & Tennille reference in Modern Family where Phil Dunphy refers to his fists as Captain & Tennille.)

Anyway, I started thinking about how clever their “branding” was – and I wanted to know the story behind that name and captain’s hat!

Why the name “Captain”?

The Captain’s real name is Daryl Dragon.

Apparently, when he played as keyboardist with The Beach Boys, Mike Love gave him the nickname Captain.

Daryl then started wearing the Captain hat to go with the nickname.

In my opinion…

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Who remembers Hobbytex and “creating” your own t-shirts?

Sentimental as Anything

At a fun family catch-up this morning – my folks and my brother and I were telling my son Orlando about “the olden days” when you would create your own T-shirts.

These days you can buy such a range of cool kids T-shirts but back in the 70s you’d often make your own and you would often use those tubes of paint – Hobbytex.

hobby tex

Now as far as I can remember – I never wore a Hobbytex painted shirt.

Here’s a photo the type of cool motorbike shirts I would wear! 🙂


My mother had some amusing stories – about other families of course!! 🙂

younger bev mum

My son laughed at the stories of how another mother wanted to get her son a Superman shirt and so she got a hobbytex-ed drawing of Superman.

This other mother’s  son proudly wore the hobbytex-ed Superman shirt  – but…other kids kept punching the boy in…

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Were YOU a pinball kid?

Sentimental as Anything

Were you a pinball kid?

Do you light up when you see an old pinball machine?

I must say, I got excited when I saw this vintage pinnie at a café in Bris-Vegas.


It was funny – there was a mum with her daughter at another table and I could tell the mum was getting exited at showing her daughter the joys of pinball. I’m sure  the mum was more exited than the daughter.

I’m definitely going to bring my son to this café –  because he is always asking me about how things were “in the olden days”.

I can’t wait for him to experience the joys of pinball – the lights, the sounds, the physicality of operating the flippers!

Plus, I might stand a chance at beating him at this old-school game. He is sooooo good at his home video games.

We went to a great 80s exhibit…

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Why we love Mad Men furniture – especially Roger Stirling’s groovy Corona chair?

Sentimental as Anything

Don’t you love Mad Men furniture – especially Roger Stirling’s groovy Corona chair?

While many fans may prefer Don Draper as their favourite character – for me Roger Sterling is far superior in the “hip office” department.

I love Roger’’s office – especially the Corona chair, which was very fashionable  in the 60s.( The Corona chair is the one in front of the spot pop art painting)

sterling mad men office

When visiting one of my clients in Sydney I was very excited to see modern replicas of these cool space-age looking Corona chairs. I fell in lust with the look and the feel of the chair.

mad men chair

Being such a fan of retro design, I researched the Corona chair and was interested to find:

  1. the chair, invented by Danish Designer Paul Volther
  2. the design evolved from an earlier model. The horizontal cushions with spaces in between were designed to give support and…

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The joys of chooks in your backyard – why chooks are better than computer games

Sentimental as Anything

O chook

My son absolutely loves it when we visit his grandparents.

My parents live “in the suburbs” – but for my son it’s like a trip to the country – because his grandparents have chooks in the backyard.

For overseas readers – chooks are what we call chickens in Australia.

When I was a kid we and most people in our street had chooks in the back yard.

O egg

I love seeing my son get  so excited about collecting eggs.

He thinks he’s so cool because we don’t have to buy eggs from a supermarket – we get them fresh!

He loves getting me  to “feel” when an  egg is still warm.

“Straight from the chook’s bum!” we say.

eggs in bowl

At home, I often have trouble getting my son off the computer or away from the TV. He’s constantly glued to some type of screen device.

At grandma’s he prefers chooks…

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