The James Bond improvised “flame thrower” – what’s your favourite Bond improvised weapon?

Sentimental as Anything

Spray can Live-and-Let-Die-James-Bond-Roger-Moore-aerosol-cigar-fire

Do you remember this  scene from one of the old James Bond movies?

Bond had to get rid of some threat – a poison spider or snake  (if I recall) and he used a spray can and his cigar to create an improvised flame thrower.

For some reason this scene really “stayed with me” – even decades later.

What made me think of this scene was hearing on the radio this morning about a man in real life  who tried to use a spray can and a lighter to get rid of a spider in the laundry.

The result: he burned down his laundry.

I’m guessing he may have always wanted to re-enact this Bond scene and this was his chance!

Anyway, back to Bond.

What’s YOUR favourite Bond improvised weapon?

Also, what Bond scenes have really “stayed with you”?

They can be from old Bond movies or the current…

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