Do you love “cute” glass bottles like these?

Isn’t it wonderful when you have time (rather TAKE time) to slow down and think about WHY you like certain things.


C and T bottles


Recently, I’ve been noticing bottles and why, if I have a choice, I will often choose drinks in glass bottles.


My kids seem to love bottles too.  They love those cute little bottles that lots of Italian drinks come in. They are a special treat for the kids.

I think the appeal is  colour of the drinks and the “novel” little bottles. They kids never want me to throw out the bottles!! It’s become our summer ritual to get different colours and flavours on different weeks. Even though the tastes are often more “adult” – the kids love the ritual!


(No I don’t work for San Pellegrino or Fanta – I’m just a fan and I suspect my kids will grow up to enjoy this summer ritual too with their kids!)


C bottle



I also noticed my son keeps empty “retro” bottles in pride of place in his room  – along with his Batmobiles etc. 🙂


O bottle in room


My daughter loves our sweet ritual of checking out the colourful flowers at a “special” supermarket we visit together – and then getting some some colourful Italian drinks in those cute glass bottles.


C and flowers



SP Mandarino

When I try to “analyse” why I like bottles – I think it’s the shape and memories of bottled drinks when I was a kid. When I was a kid, getting a soft drink was more of a big deal. Also, I came from steamy North Queensland where a cold soft drink in  a bottle seemed extra refreshing. Then again, maybe I just have a child-like fascination with colourful drinks and cute bottles.


Yesterday, I had a meeting in a cool cafe. I love my coffee – but it was such a hot day, I wanted a chilled and cold coffee.


And as you can probably guess , I chose one that came in a retro-looking bottle.


paper moon coffee


If you love GLASS bottles please share WHAT YOU LIKE ABOUT GLASS BOTTLES in the comments section below.


If you like some other type of container – please why you like that too.


And an appropriate end to this post – a nice sound of the clink of glass and… cheers!


C and T bottles



SAA bgrd

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