The joy of grandma’s chickens

Sentimental as Anything

O collecting eggs

My son Orlando loves it when we visit grandma’s – especially collecting the eggs from her chickens.

O getting eggs

My mother lives in the suburbs – but to my son it’s like visiting the country. He loves collecting the eggs (and my mum makes sure there are some to collect!)

As a dad, it feels satisfying to see my son getting so much enjoyment out of something so simple – a nice change from all the video and computer games!

For some strange reason I also enjoy being around the chooks!

TB motorbike T shirt

My son also loves picking some oranges of the tree  -and of course eating some of the eggs he collected and taking some home to his mum – like a hunter returning with food!

He also loves finding other things at grandma’s  – especially old photos of dad.


Apparently, I enjoyed chooks and ducks too when I was a kid! The…

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